I really don't like those "we're not dead" posts on project pages, they're really hopeless and in fact they just more or less mean that team members have not been run over by train or something. It doesn't mean anything for followers if they don't see any real progress anyways. But luckily I don't need to post spam "not dead" messages without any progress reports because we actually have some ;)

Recently our old website looked pretty dead and empty because:
  • We lost all our forum data since 2014 because someone in datacentre screwed up.
  • Then we lost all our forum data again, this time even pre-2014 posts because we screwed up.
  • We don't really use forum as communication medium. Our team is providing plenty of other options for you to track our progress. I'm gonna list them later.
  • Our forum didn't send us any notifications neither about posts nor about account registration requests so as we don't check website every day, sometimes people were waiting for account approval few weeks. Then probably didn't even remember they tried to register here...
Okay, so lets start from explanation why it takes _so long_:
  • So basically we have super tiny team. Around... 5-6 active people. We're looking for help
  • We have private lives (everyone does)
  • it actually does take quite a lot of time please consider that we're more or less modelling everything in-house because surprisingly there's not many suitable MLP assets out there.
  • We have zero 2d artists so people responsible for 3d also have to work on textures which is not entirely optimal solution considering relatively artistic textures style.
What do we have right now:
  • We moved to Unreal Engine 4
  • All 8 release karts and ponies with animations (mane 6 + royal sisters)
  • All music
  • 1 finished, 3 WIP tracks
  • Working kart mechanics
  • Interactive menu (garage)
You can track our assets related progress on our Trello boards:...
Please read if your account registration takes suspiciously long.

Our system requires manual account approval in case somebody's mail has been caught by spam detection system. In case your account registration takes really long then you're allowed to send mail directly to staff members with question about account registration progress. We just don't check admin panel every day but still we don't want you guys to wait weeks for account approval so let us know if there's something wrong. My mail is lapsio3 (gmail). We don't bite ;)

Typically account registration should take few minutes at most. Anything above 30 min can be considered as problem with registration.
Holy Guacamole everyone!!!!

If you've visited over the past week, you might have noticed that our website was either looking a bit on the generic side or down. We did a server upgrade and in the process restyled the website... cause why not (oh yeah and reasons)? We're also working on a couple of things that might sound very boring but are actually cool as fluff!

These include a custom blender plugin to allow collaborative editing of files at the same time, Jenkins build system(NOT WHAT YOU'RE THINKING... YET...), and some housekeeping things and perhaps some ways to keep you guys more involved and updated with what we're doing.

Over the next couple weeks, you'll see some website fine tuning, nothing major and then I'm going to start working on a much larger "State of Ponykart" update for the community.

Uhm... Brohoof?