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    I really don't like those "we're not dead" posts on project pages, they're really hopeless and in fact they just more or less mean that team members have not been run over by train or something. It doesn't mean anything for followers if they don't see any real progress anyways. But luckily I don't need to post spam "not dead" messages without any progress reports because we actually have some ;)

    Recently our old website looked pretty dead and empty because:
    • We lost all our forum data since 2014 because someone in datacentre screwed up.
    • Then we lost all our forum data again, this time even pre-2014 posts because we screwed up.
    • We don't really use forum as communication medium. Our team is providing plenty of other options for you to track our progress. I'm gonna list them later.
    • Our forum didn't send us any notifications neither about posts nor about account registration requests so as we don't check website every day, sometimes people were waiting for account approval few weeks. Then probably didn't even remember they tried to register here...
    Okay, so lets start from explanation why it takes _so long_:
    • So basically we have super tiny team. Around... 5-6 active people. We're looking for help
    • We have private lives (everyone does)
    • it actually does take quite a lot of time please consider that we're more or less modelling everything in-house because surprisingly there's not many suitable MLP assets out there.
    • We have zero 2d artists so people responsible for 3d also have to work on textures which is not entirely optimal solution considering relatively artistic textures style.
    What do we have right now:
    • We moved to Unreal Engine 4
    • All 8 release karts and ponies with animations (mane 6 + royal sisters)
    • All music
    • 1 finished, 3 WIP tracks
    • Working kart mechanics
    • Interactive menu (garage)
    You can track our assets related progress on our Trello boards:
    And engine related progress on our git:

    (yes you can try to load current repo snapshot to UE SDK and "play" with what we have here. If you have no idea what UE SDK is then it's probably not for you. It's not public release, requires some basic UE4 SDK knowledge. It's just kind of preview for people who would be interested in helping on UE side and like to see what we have)

    We're looking for help

    Who are looking for:
    • People who know something about UE4 and could help with implementing game logic
    • People who know something about Blender and could help with assets (we're providing guidelines and screencasts showing some basic techniques for those who don't feel confident about their skills). Specialized skills are also acceptable: animation, rigging, unwrapping, sculpting, texturing or mesh editing
    • 2d artists preferably ones who would be able to help with textures, but also anyone who could provide some concepts arts, sketches etc, especially some support with tracks designs
    • "R&D" - sometimes we just don't know if someone around the internet has already made some assets that we could use to speed up development. Looking for references in show also takes some precious time that could be put into actual development so if you follow all MLP news and know fandom-created content it'd be awesome to have such person in team
    Who we are not looking for:
    • People who only want to model karts. We already do have all karts. Introducing any more karts now doesn't make sense because it requires not only making kart but also ponies and rigging them. And that's not our priority. Now we definitely need tracks and that's what we're now focused on. If you really want to make kart then you'll need to provide pony, rig it and create basic animations as well (can be based on our existing ponies mesh with only hair/tail remodelled so that it'll preserve animations and partial rig, one or two tasks less). It's explicit mention because we used to have plenty of people who just came here, declared to make kart and then we ended up with some random karts without drivers, usually even not finished and we couldn't put them in game anyways so it was waste of time. If you want help us then please make something that actually pushes game development forward not just something you like... Spinning in circles doesn't help.
    If you can help or know anyone who could help, please let us know :) Our team is open and friendly to all newcomers. Even if you're newbie we can provide some guidance, help and educational materials. As long as you can spend some time on PK feel free to contact us.
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by lapsio, Oct 28, 2016.

    1. Clacksphob
      If I understand this correctly, you have use for someone to tackle track design even if they (as in, me) don't have experience in 3d modelling? I'd be willing to give a hand in that. I've built several tracks in the old trackmania nations, I can mail them to whoever is interested. Not really the same game, but it's at least some experience, I suppose.
      I could also give it a shot at textures, feel free to drop me a request (material, colour, file format, dimensions/resolution, the like) to see if I'd be of any use.
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    2. LexRudera
      If it's worth anything to you, you guys have our full support from Equestria Gaming and I assume the guys at MyLittleGameDev backs you up as well. If just it wasn't Unreal Engine, then I would possibly pop in to check the code, compile and perhaps tweak and see what I can do, but oh well.
      Hit us up if you ever need anything, have it be a promotion, an open request to the community, an announcement, anything you might need a signal boost with.
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    3. Fendoroid
      I'm glad to see that the repository is forked from a repository that forked my repository! I'm one of the few users that managed to compile and run the c++ source of ponykart, with all those confusing dependencies :confused: Ogre, GUI library, sound library... That was a frustration. Even if I prefer games made from scratch, I'm happy with the adoption of UE in this case, so we can get rid of all those fragmented dependencies...
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    4. Codex_of_Wisdom
      I have some experience with the programming and logic aspects of UE4. I'd be happy to help.
    5. Calena
      Perhaps I can give you a hand (or hoof) with 2D artworks in general and help on the creative area!? I could do some track designs.
    6. Atom Charge
      Atom Charge
      How do I get in contact with the staff? I would like to possibly help with 2D art, sketching, etc.

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