How To Use Apple News On Mac?

On your Mac, enable News in iCloud Preferences. Select Apple menu > System Preferences, then select Apple ID on your Mac. Verify that you have the same Apple ID signed in across all of your devices. In the sidebar, click iCloud. If it isn’t already chosen, choose News from the list of applications.

Similarly, How do I use Apple News Plus on Mac?

Read articles and magazines. Click News+ or an Apple News+ channel in the sidebar of the News app on your Mac (or in the toolbar if the sidebar isn’t visible). Do one of the following actions in the feed: Read a magazine: Use the arrow keys to navigate between pages or articles after clicking the issue’s cover to open it.

Also, it is asked, How do I get Apple News on my computer?

There are no PCs or Android devices that support Apple News+; it is only accessible on Apple devices. The ability to subscribe to and access Apple News material is now only available to residents of the United States, Canada, Australia, or the United Kingdom, however Apple has ambitions to extend it to other nations in the future.

Secondly, How do I open News app on Mac?

Open the Applications folder or the Dock and choose News. In the menu bar, choose News.

Also, Can you read Apple News on desktop?

It is compatible with iOS and Mac computers. Yes, Apple News+ does not have a Windows app or online site. It is compatible with iOS and Mac computers.

People also ask, Is there an Apple News app for Mac?

You may read hundreds of publications, well-known newspapers, and articles from prestigious digital publishers in Apple News on your Mac by subscribing to Apple News+.

Related Questions and Answers

How do I add News to widgets on Mac?

Apple News Widget use To access the Notification Center, click the time and date in the menu bar. Then choose Edit Widgets. In the side menu, choose News. For the widget you wish to add, choose a size. To add the widget to the notification center, click it.

How do I read News on my laptop?

Find the most recent information and top stories. Visit Google News on your PC. Click Top stories in the upper left corner. Click Full coverage of this story to view the related article.

How many devices can use Apple News?

Up to five more family members may use your Apple News+ membership.

Does Apple News sync across devices?

Make sure News sync is turned on first. Make sure News is set to Sync under Settings > [your name] > iCloud. Make sure Background App Refresh is turned on by going to Settings > News. Apply this on your iPhone and iPad.

Why can’t I find Apple News on my Mac?

Select Apple menu > System Preferences, then select Apple ID on your Mac. Verify that you have the same Apple ID signed in across all of your devices. In the sidebar, click iCloud. If it isn’t already chosen, choose News from the list of applications.

How do I download Apple News?

Download and remove publications from Apple News Activate the News app. Go to the sidebar on your iPad or Mac and choose or touch News+. Tap or click the Sidebar icon if you can’t see the sidebar. To locate the issue you wish to download, tap My Magazines. Toggle the More button on or off. Click or tap Download Issue.

Where did my Apple News app go?

Swipe down from the home screen of your iPhone to access Spotlight search, then put “news” into the search box. You should be able to launch the app straight if it is already installed on your smartphone. If not, scroll down to the App Store results and press the Search in App link to find the Apple News app so you may redownload it.

What is the difference between Apple News and Apple News plus?

A monthly price is required to subscribe to both newspapers and magazines via Apple News+. The service is available via the current Apple News mobile app. While using the News app is free, you must subscribe to News+ on a monthly basis in order to view its content.

Choose the material you wish to share from the News app, hit the Share button, and then choose Messages. Click here for further details: The Apple News app must have the material in order to access it via Safari. You will get a notice saying something like “Story Unavailable” if it isn’t accessible.

How do I get Apple News for free?

The digital newsstand for the Mac, iPhone, and iPad is called Apple News Plus. You may sign up for a free six-month trial before paying the regular $10 monthly fee. (Apple typically provides a one-month trial period.)

How do I get widgets on my Mac desktop?

F12 or the Dashboard icon in the Dock. Select the widget by selecting it and then clicking the mouse. Up to the completion of the subsequent step, keep pushing the mouse button. Once again using F12, drag the widget to your desktop in any desired area. Release the mouse button after placing the widget.

How do I access widgets on Mac?

Click on the time in the top-right corner of the screen to access the Notification Center and widgets. The Notification Center may also be opened on a Mac with a trackpad by making a two-finger swipe inward motion from the right side of the touchpad. To see all of your widgets, scroll up.

Should I subscribe to Apple News?

Apple News alone should be sufficient if you’re interested in basic news and headlines. However, for people who already regularly use the app and were intending to subscribe to multiple paywalls that are part of Apple News+, it is wholly worthwhile.

How can I read newspapers online for free?

Look for newspaper websites and online archives to read newspapers for free online. is one of the websites with searchable newspaper archives. Newspaper Archive at

How do I share my Apple News subscription with my family?

People are invited to join your family. Access Settings. Then tap Family Sharing after tapping your name. Select Add Member. Tap Create an Account for a Child to set one up if your child doesn’t already have one. However, hit Invite People if your kid already has an Apple ID. follow the directions shown on the screen.

How do I sync my iPhone apps to my Mac?

Set up synchronization on your iPhone and Mac. Utilize a cable to link your PC and iPhone. Choose your iPhone from the Finder sidebar on your Mac. Click the kind of material you wish to sync at the window’s top (for example, Movies or Books). “Sync [content type] onto [device name]” should be chosen.

Why is my iPad not syncing with my Mac?

Ensure that the same Apple ID is used to log into iCloud on all of your devices. Check your iCloud settings to see whether Contacts, Calendars, and Reminders are enabled. Make sure your device’s date and time settings are accurate for where you are right now.

Why is there no Apple News?

The only method to access Apple News on iOS and iPadOS devices is to switch your device’s locale to one of the four official Apple News-supporting nations. Here’s how to do that when visiting a nation where Apple News is unavailable and download it to your iPhone or iPad.

Why can’t I download the Apple News app?

Restarting the computer may sometimes fix problems like this. Then, I would advise activating Restrictions, then locating “News” and “Installing Apps” and making sure that they are permitted (the button should be green). Restart your iPhone after that, and when it does, turn off Restrictions.

Is Washington Post included in Apple News?

You have unlimited access to the Washington Post on, The Washington Post Select app (blue icon), and The Washington Post app if you bought a subscription via Apple News (black icon). Please be aware that a current Apple News+ subscription does not provide access to Washington Post content.

Does Apple News include Globe and Mail?

The publications offered cover a broad variety of topics, including cuisine, fashion, politics, and much more. Both current and previous editions are accessible. Leading publications like The Globe and Mail, Winnipeg Free Press, and The Wall Street Journal are examples of newspapers.

How do I see all magazines in Apple News?

Subscribe to Apple News+ to read magazines in the News app. read magazines In the sidebar, choose or tap News+. To search for a magazine, tap or click Catalog at the top of the News+ stream. Below the magazine’s cover, click or tap Follow.

Does Apple News Plus include New York Times?

On Apple devices, the tailored Apple News stream no longer included Times items alongside those from other publishers as of Monday. One of the first media companies to leave Apple News is The Times.


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