What Happened To Emily Riemer On Channel 5 News?

Similarly, Did Emily Riemer leave Channel 5 news?

Following Emily Riemer’s departure in June, Boston ABC station WCVB has added one anchor and moved another to a different time slot. Jessica Brown (shown right) will co-anchor the noon broadcast with Antoinette Antonio at WCVB.

Also, it is asked, Where is Maria Stephanos?

Maria, her husband Dale, and their children live in Foxboro.

Secondly, Is Maria Stephanos still on Channel 5?

Maria Stephanos is a native American journalist who has been on television for over 25 years. She used to work at NewsCenter 5, where she rose to prominence. Maria Stephanos is presently employed at Boston’s WCVB television station.

Also, What does Heather Unruh do now?

Heather Unruh is a four-time Emmy award-winning anchor and medical reporter with over 20 years of expertise. She retired from WCVB’s award-winning NewsCenter 5 after more than 15 years of service, most recently as co-anchor of the 6:00 and 11:00 newscasts.

People also ask, Where has Doug Meehan been?

Meehan left New England to work as a reporter and anchor for TV stations in Florida and Texas, but then returned to WHDH, Channel 7.

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Who is Maria Stephanos husband?

Stephanos, Dale Husband / Maria Stephanos

Why did Maria Stephanos leave Fox News?

Maria didn’t want to be a part of what was happening,” our insider stated. “The obvious conclusion was to find another location to go, and everyone expects her to have something in her back pocket when she leaves.”

How old is Harvey Leonard?

73 years old (1949) Age / Harvey Leonard

Who is David Wade married to?

David Wade and his wife Francy are delighted to announce the arrival of their son, David Wade Junior! Carrie Drayton, Carrie Drayton, and 679 more people like this.

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Is JC Monahan married?

Jim Farrell is a well-known actor. J. C. Monahan / Husband

Where is Pamela Gardner?

Pamela Gardner joins NBC10 Boston and NECN in December 2018 and can be seen daily at 11 a.m. on NBC, weather portions at 4 and 5 p.m. on NBC, and afternoons and evenings on NECN. Gardner formerly worked at WBZ-TV and appeared on a number of national shows, including the CBS Evening News.

Is Julie Unruh married?

Julie Unruh, Julie Unruh, Julie Unruh, Julie Unruh, Julie Unruh, Julie Unruh, Julie Unruh, Julie She has not, however, provided any further information about her marriage to the public. Three children have been born to the couple. He resides in the northern suburbs of Chicago with his family.

Who is Kevin Spacey partner?

Brunetti, Dana Kevin Spacey is a business partner of Kevin Spacey. Dana Brunetti is a co-founder and chief content officer of Cavalry Media and an American media executive, film producer, and entrepreneur. Brunetti has received two Academy Award nominations for his work on The Social Network and Captain Phillips, as well as five Emmy nominations for his work on the Netflix series House of Cards. Wikipedia

How old is Maria Stephanos?

Approximately 58 years (1964) / Maria Stephanos / / / / / / /

Who is Kim Khazei married to?

Kim Khazei / Spouse of Scott Huff

Who is Cindy Fitzgibbons?

Cindy Fitzgibbon is the EyeOpener and Midday Meteorologist for NewsCenter 5. Cindy joined WCVB’s StormTeam 5 in April 2013, but she’s been ‘waking up’ Boston for almost 15 years with her prediction!

Is Erika tarantal leaving WCVB?

Tarantal, who has worked at WCVB as an anchor and reporter since 2014, will now co-host NewsCenter 5 with Ben Simmoneau at 5 and 5:30 p.m. She will also continue to report on the station’s “5 for Good” news segments, which feature individuals who are helping others in communities around Massachusetts.

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Is Ed Harding married?

Andrea Harding is a writer who lives in the United States Ed Harding / Husband

Where does rhondella Richardson live?


Where did Gene Lavanchy go?

He lives in Walpole, Massachusetts, with his wife Anne Marie and their children.

Who recently left Boston 25?

After 18 years with FOX25, Maria Stephanos is saying her goodbyes – Boston 25 News.

Who is Harvey Leonard’s wife?


Is Anthony Everett married?

Lydia Everett is a writer. Spouse: Anthony Everett

Is Harvey Leonard still working?

Leonard will no longer appear on NewsCenter 5 on weeknights, but will take on the role of chief meteorologist emeritus this autumn, helping to cover severe weather and climate issues that are essential to our community. Leonard sent a goodbye message to Channel at the close of the 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. newscasts

What does Shayna Seymours husband do?

Seymour, who lives in the Boston suburbs with her husband, Steve Carr, head of admissions and enrollment at Belmont Hill School, and their children, Blake, 10, and Paige, 7, said, “That’s the pleasure of having paradise in your own backyard.”

What town does Anthony Everett live in?

Everett was born and raised in New York City, but now calls the South Shore home. He has lived in a small, converted Cape in a shaded nook in Cohasset for the last 11 years, not far from the waves he adores.

Did Mary Richardson of Chronicle have children?

Richardson’s three children, Chris, Jessie, and Matt, as well as two grandkids, survive her.

How old is Lisa Hughes?

54 years old (1968) Age / Lisa Hughes

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Who is Kate Merrill married to?

Mike Dunham is a writer who lives in New York City Kate Merrill / Husband Michael Francis Dunham is a former professional ice hockey goalkeeper from the United States. Dunham is the goalkeeper development coach for the Boston Bruins and the previous head goaltending coach for the NHL’s New York Islanders. Wikipedia

Is Chet Curtis alive?

Chet Curtis / Janu.Chet Curtis / Janu.Chet Curtis / Janu.Chet

Who are the meteorologist on NBC 10 Boston?

NBC10 Boston and necn’s Chief Meteorologist Matt Noyes, Chief Meteorologist for NBC 10 Boston and necn (New England Cable News), has been broadcasting weekday mornings since 2002. Matt likes kindling people’ interest in the weather and the environment around them.


Emily Riemer was a reporter for Channel 5 News. On March 4th, 2018, she revealed that she had cancer and would be taking a leave of absence from the show.

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