Who Is Leaving Wgn Morning News?

CHICAGO (CBS) – WGN said farewell to Tom Johnson, our resident IT guru, on Friday. Tom and his wife are permanently relocating to their home in Alabama after more than 20 years with WGN and 20 Chicago winters. Tom, we’ll miss you!

Similarly, Who is leaving WGN-TV?

Lauren Magiera left WGN-Channel 9 after six years as a sports anchor and reporter. According to sources, the Nexstar Media station decided not to extend her contract.

Also, it is asked, Who just left WGN News?

Julie Unruh is a reporter with the Associated Press.

Secondly, Is Demetrius Ivory leaving WGN?

During the WGN Morning News show, Demetrius Ivory announced his departure from the forecast.

Also, Is Paul Conrad leaving WGN?

(Watch the whole video below.) After interviewing a woman who had just lost her son to gun violence, Paul Konrad, the 9-time Emmy Award-winning Weather anchor for the WGN Morning News, claimed he quit the news and became a meteorologist.

People also ask, What happened to Steve Sanders WGN?

Sanders left Channel 9 in early 2020 after working there for more than 37 years. Sanders sold his six-bedroom Lakeview home for little under $1.55 million around the same time and purchased a five-bedroom, 4,168-square-foot Winnetka home through a relocation firm.

Related Questions and Answers

How old is Julie Unruh from WGN News?

Unruh, Julie Unruh will be 52 years old in 2021. She was born in the United States of America, in the city of Chicago, in the year 1969.

Who is replacing Julie Unruh?

Bair, Dina

Where is Tonya Francisco?

Tonya Francisco co-hosts WGN-Daytime TV’s Chicago.

What happened Jim Ramsey?

Jim Ramsey, a former weatherman for WGN, died last week at the age of 69. Before retiring in 2017, he was the familiar face of the WGN Weather Department on Saturday nights. Ramsey spent the most of his 42 years in broadcasting with WGN.

Where is Larry Potash?

What is Larry Potash’s name? Larry is a reporter and news anchor for WGN-TV in Chicago, where he has won several awards.

Where is WGN’s Paul Konrad?

Paul Konrad is a 9-time Emmy Award-winning Weather Anchor for WGN-Chicago TV’s Morning Newscast.

Where is Steve Sanders?

Death. Sanders was killed by a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head in 1998.

What is Julie Unruh doing now?

“Now is the ideal moment.” Unruh, a Chicago native and a product of Wilmette’s Regina Dominican High School and Indiana University, joined WGN in 2001 as a general assignment reporter following two years at CLTV, the defunct cable news station. In 2020, she was elevated to lunchtime news anchor.

Who anchors WGN Midday News?

CHICAGO, IL – January – According to Dominick Stasi, WGN-TV news director, Patrick Elwood has been designated co-anchor of WGN Midday News as of January 17. Elwood will join Dina Bair as a co-anchor and will continue to offer WGN News with in-depth reporting.

Who is Jackie Bange married to?

Strickland, George Jackie Bange / Husband

Is Dan Ponce married?

Dan Ponce / SpouseAmy Levell

Who is Demetrius Ivory married to?

Demetrius Ivory / SpouseErin McElroy (m. 2014)

Does Bronagh Tumulty still work for WGN?

Brónagh Tumulty is originally from Ireland, where she began her career as a reporter. She has spent the previous several years living and working in the United States. She started as a general assignment reporter for WGN News in July of 2020.

Does Erin ivory have children?

Erin and Demetrius are the proud parents of twin twins Harlow Winter and Hadley Walker, who have weather-themed names owing to Demetrius, who also selected the Winter Solstice as their wedding date.

How old is Lourdes Duarte?

Approximately 46 years (1976) Age / Lourdes Duarte

Where did Larry Potash grow up?

The Greater Boston Area

Where is Lourdes Duarte from?

Birthplace: Chicago, ILourdes Duarte

Is Joe Donlon leaving WGN?

When he took a chance on NewsNation, the Chicago-based cable news startup founded by parent firm Nexstar Media Group in 2020, he was the No. 1 news anchor at WGN-Channel 9. He’s been anchoring “The Donlon Report,” a news and chat program that airs at 6 p.m. weeknights, for the last year after overcoming a bumpy start. He’s now calling it a day.

Who replaced Patrick Elwood?

Unruh, Julie

Who is Jim Ramsey?

Jim Ramsey, a long-time member of the WGN family, has died. Before retiring in 2017, he was the familiar face of the WGN Weather Department on Saturday nights. Ramsey spent the most of his 42 years in broadcasting with WGN.

What neighborhood does Pat Tomasulo LIVE?

With the purchase in early May, Tomasulo, a long-time renter in the East Lakeview area, became a first-time Chicago purchaser. The agreement was signed last month.

Why is Tom Skilling so thin?

WGN Chief Meteorologist Tom Skilling said on Thursday that he had shed over 100 pounds in the last year, marking the one-year anniversary of his weight reduction effort. Skilling got gastric bypass surgery at Northwestern Hospital on Ma, where he started his weight reduction adventure.

Where is Kaitlin Cody going?

Cody was thrilled to predict for Chicago winters since there had been some ice and snow storms in the south. Working in Chicago has been a goal of hers since high school, and she considers herself very fortunate to have this chance.

Does Larry Potash still work for WGN?

Larry Potash started WGN-TV News in August 1994 and has been the host of WGN Morning News since 1995, barely one year after the station’s launch. In September 2019, the highly rated program celebrated its 25th anniversary, and it has consistently ranked #1 in the ratings.

Does Apple TV have WGN?

WGN-TV+ is Chicago’s own news and streaming video service, available on Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire devices.


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